Project Management – an activity that defines the goals and objectives of the project, taking into account the amount of work necessary resources, the timing of the project, its quality and the risks involved. The list of construction companies in India is quite big, but there is set of special criteria to choose the company to realize the construction project. The direct participation of our company as a Technical Customer, General Designer and General Contractor guarantee profitability, optimization of the budget, timing and effectiveness of the construction of the project at all stages of its development.

  • Management of all of the project development stages (from the idea to the key)
  • Preparation of project/preparation task arrangement
  • Consultancy services during the development of project and using investment funds
  • Independent bank consultation in lending loans to the Customers
  • Designing and construction management, including time, quality and budget control
  • Organizing acquisition of construction works
  • Maintenance of general and special construction works
  • Coordination of health and safety at work