We specialize in providing services for the implementation of investment projects in all sectors of industrial and civil construction - a complete set of works, which includes all stages from concept to commissioning of ready-built facilities. We are successfully working in the construction industry and also included in the list of the top construction companies in the region.

During these years our construction company implemented following construction objects: administrative and public buildings,

  • Business Centers
  • Hotels
  • Health and Medical Organizations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sports Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities

Significant experience in the construction of complex climatic, geological, cramped conditions, and the construction of environmentally responsible, technically complex objects.

ABC strictly follows the principles of the exact fulfillment of contractual obligations, the responsibility for the final result, mutual trust and honesty towards customers, partners and contractors.

We believe that the principal tasks of our construction company are:

  • At designing stage – optimization and reduction of capital outlays due to rational project decision-making and application of modern materials;
  • At construction stage – reduction of execution terms, ensuring high quality of all works and minimizing risks;
  • At all stages of investment project realization - application of the last achievements of engineering and planned organization of building execution.
  • Selection of contractors and suppliers, based on professionalism, reputation, costs and quality.

Our Mission

We strive to facilitate sustainable competitive growth of the Indian construction products industry by promoting efficient housing and infrastructure solutions through consensus and dialogue with the Indian Institutions and social stakeholders.

Our Team

With a team of 100+ individuals, highly qualified, skilled on the levels, structured professionals, some of whom have a worked on most super structures in the region, with a good understanding of the environmental conditions, research, etc. we know what and why we are rolling up our sleeves for.
Continuous improvement methods of organization, planning, direction, coordination and control of human and material resources, a close-knit group of associates - professionals who desire to be proud of a job well done are the foundation of our business success. We guarantee a successful solution of tasks of any complexity.