Design Services


Drawing on our vast experience we are happy to assist you on a consultative basis with your design requirements.

ABC Builders are vastly experienced in the building, the refurbishment and maintenance of many of the beautiful listed buildings in and around the region for our many existing and potential clients.
ABC Builders are delighted to offer their design services to anyone wherein they will convey the
highest standards of service.

General design includes

  • Development of a complete set of project documentation required for construction of the facility, its equipment manufacturing equipment and connection to external engineering networks.
  • The design works in the terms established by the “Schedule of Work” and the contract signed. In budget planning.
  • The conclusion of the necessary contracts to ensure the release of project documentation in the required, the required amount. All contracts to be negotiated only by tender.
  • Monitoring the contractors design organizations for proper performance of the Work under the Contract, namely, the quality of the design solutions, performance time and coordination of their activities.
  • Field supervision of construction.